Table of Contents

  • 1.Introduction: The truth stays before every lie

    And this truth should be revealed, because the consequences of a lie can be fatal. "Big Fat Liar" states and with the right technique you can catch every lie. A liar thinks first about the truth before he is actually lying.

  • 2. Understanding body signals

    Scratching on the left ear, look to the right, stuck the hands in the pockets, sweating, laughing and even more - the human body is considered as many times as the biggest traitor.

  • 3. Language and voice while lying

    "Can you not hear it? He lies to you! "Pitch, intonation, vocabulary, structure of sentences and countless other linguistic aspects can allow hiding the truth in an interview. You just have to listen very carefully.

  • 4. Abnormal behaviors

    Striking is deviation from the norm, from the daily habits. To conceal the truth is an everyday occurrence, but it comes with a certain behavior.

  • 5. Unmask lies with verbal tests

    Since people are living in a collective there are lies - and of course, there is also the art of revelation of lies! A face-to-face affair, where you only need to have just the right questions and a little knowledge of human nature.

  • 6. Whats is it like to detect lies with a lie detector test?

    In contrast to the scenes from different films the expiry of a lie detector test is easy and painless.

  • 7. Successful implementation of a test?

    How to actually detect whether the polygraph shows the correct information or not? How accurate are the results? Can you trust the polygraph?

  • 8. Polygraph test directory

    Professional polygraph tests in USA, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. What does a lie detector test costs?

  • 9. Result: body language vs. Polygraph

    If you want to detect lies easily and safely then a lie detector polygraph is the most ideal solution for you.

  • 10. Ask and Comment!

    Questions to this report, polygraph or lie detector test? We answer ...

1. Introduction: The truth stays before every lie

Lies can not be ignored!

Sometimes there is no choice and you decide to lie instead of telling the truth. But the protection that can offer a lie, is only a pretence.

Even if you believe you would be a well-trained and experienced liar , there are signs and signals that can betray you. Whether facial expressions or gestures, voice or choice of words ... lies can not mask the truth, even if you hope to. You often lie because of panic or ignorance and the person you are lying to starts to suspect it, there is something wrong. What can you do by such a premonition?

  • Recognize situations in time
  • Ask for the truth
  • Prove that it is not worth to lie
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Before every lie there is the truth

Statistics have shown that women often intuitively feel when something is wrong. Not for nothing are mothers always asking if everything is okay. But men also have the ability to detect false statements. Why is this an universal competence? Can you learn it? Is it innate? Partly, it is a social competence, as knowing the language habits of the collective and the typical gestures. But this form of knowledge of the truth is a result of hard work. You need to have an intense relationship with the liar, so that you can see the hidding attitude.

The feeling about something being wrong you have partly by nature, partly from your own experience. But you can never guess intuitively what is actually wrong. The truth from the lie can be revealed only in a specific, professional way. Possibilities: the ability to ask the right questions and to learn by communicating the truth - or the use of lie detectors.

Unlike the interrogation with a survey, the polygraph test is only one-way. The respondent must not answer, because the machine measures the stress-values of his body automatically and it also shows, if the person is deviating or even why the respondent is silent. The right questions can lead to the truth even without answering with words.

The truth is part of the reality and also determines this. Lies are trying to deny reality and may cause misunderstandings and misfortunes. With the ability to detect lies such problems can be prevented in time.

2. Understanding body signals

It's worth to look into the eyes

When suspecting a lie, it is often enough just to take an exact look at the person. With some tricks and exercises you can easily explore if that person is actually kidding or not.

But how does someone recognize wrong behavior? When it comes to acquaintances, then it's not complicated to see if the person is just acting different than usual. Unusual restlessness, aggressiveness or even passivity deemed possible masks. Is it enough to actually interpret only the body signals?

  • Recognize unusual behavior as an indication of lying
  • Sweating, laughing, trembling mask stress
  • The body is also controlled mentally!
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Indicate body signals

Countless Hollywood movies show scenes where secret agents look at the suspect closely and realize that they are telling lies. In fact, a program was developed by the FBI and the CIA, which should help to identify the emotions and states of mind of suspected people. However, deviation from eye contact, sweaty hands, drumming with the fingers - all signals of stress and impatience. Evidence in the typology of body language indicates just half-way what the person actually feels. Often, people talk in such situations calmly but the body indicates different states of stress.

These signals are, however, external signals, and can be deceived. Many liars are also very good actors. The role of a polygraph lie detector is to detect and identify the body signals objectively and correctly. Not only the posture, but also heart rate and hormonal balance gets observed. Normal people can control these biochemical properties of the body only with tremendous exercise. But, in most cases it's also almost impossible.

The polygraph reveals the psychological masking of the telltale body language. The University of Lancaster has developed a new lie detector test that works more accurate then others on their saying.

3. Language and voice while lying

Utterances change the truth

In linguistics there are several disciplines that deal specifically with different aspects of language and speech acts. Sociolinguistics and cognitive linguistics are only two of them, but perhaps the two most important.

The scientists of these two theories are interested in the way how to communicate within a community. Which are the biological, neural aspects of a spoken utterance needed to express the content in the desired shape and pitch.

  • Sometimes it is loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes faster, sometimes scarce
  • Recognize intonation and laughter as evidence of lies
  • A quiet voice can also be fooled
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Language and voice while lying

The Sociolinguists mainly deal with the substantive aspects such as vocabulary, dialect, sociolect or grammar and syntax appearing as typical examples in certain situations. Whether a statement is true or false, the truth includes or is a lie, it can not be determined, of course, without the context. But there are elements such as very careful formulations uncomplimentary remarks or just very scarce yes / no answer to indicate a change in the natural conversation and suggest that here the speakers may have something to hide - or its own version is better preferred as the actual.

Conversation analysts also pay attention to the implications of the talks. The laughing, coughing, loud speaking or just quietly listening are all evidence of a deviation. Should these symptoms occur unexpectedly, then the listener should ask himself, what is actually the cause. For example, a sudden burst of laughter or embarrassed cough could be used as a diversionary tactic. Moreover, there are doctors and psychologists who are already working on a method to detect by the sound of the voice, traits and even sickness can. An article by a little-girl voice probably looking for a protector ...

But it's no secret that with the right exercise any uncertainty and amateurs masking the truth is professionally avoided. Actors and TV presenters are the best examples for how something that is actually not always true, clear, quiet and sympathetic can bring about the lips without an eye twitch. A person can be fooled though, but not a machine. The polygraph measures the frequency of the vocal cords and compares them with the natural values.

The amount of deviation can be interpreted as an indication of the veracity of the statement.

4. Abnormal behaviors

Stress or passivity – how can you hide a lie?

Conspicuous behavior patterns in humans can be caused by several basic reasons. We are all different and so our reactions to various events are different too. Some people who are normally full of energy and lust for life can in critical situations become the quietest, shyest people. Conversely, quiet people can get arrogant and aggressive.

Studies of behavioral psychologists confirm: if one does something dangerous unusual, it will change you automatically. It is a question of discipline and exercise when you can control this behavior consciously.

  • Lying is to enter into a risk. How do you deal with this risk?
  • Lying is hiding something. By becoming visible or by distracting?
  • Lying is to set the trust of others to hazard.
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Striking patterns

Lying means risking

By this I mean the following: In most cases, people are lying because they do not want to take responsibility for an inconvenience, for example. With every lie the dimension of the discomfort gets deepened, since you get far from the truth and from the solution of the problem. The result is a stressful situation that allows you to deal with as good as possible. The secret of lying is to show it in a natural and true act as possible.

If acting naturally then it seems to be true. But how can you deal with the fact, that you can get caught at any time? Some people can tolerate this stress by being conspicuously quiet - in a negative sense. It is believed, that if one retires, less interacts with the person you lied to, then you can avoid the inconvenience of a discovery of the lie. In most cases, this happens to the people who are usually the most funniest ones.

Others try to distract the person's attention and deal with the stress situation in such a way. They behave in a remarkably energetic and arrogant way, answer questions irritated or even angry, and thus draws attention more on themselves than actually desired.

If one wants to recognize the lies of others, one must always remember that the liars themselves are aware that they are playing with the confidence of the person they are lying to. Some liars may get some strong psychological dilemmas or even an unstable mental state. As part of a longer conversation you can then quietly approach on confidence and it's just a matter of time before the nerves get lost. And then the truth comes to light.

5. Unmask lies with verbal tests

The truth revealed by speeches

Some believe the truth can only be discovered through surveillance and spying, others believe to be the master of lies telling.

But there are some tricks that you can reveal the false statements at any time without great effort. All you need is an appropriate location, best in a cozy place where the liar is relaxed and cooperative. Also, a little oratory on the part of the questioner may help too.

  • Pay attention to the facial activity
  • Understand body language and recognize exceptions
  • Listening the right way
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Detect lies with verbal tests

The verbal test consist on the one hand of thoughtful, targeted questions that appear at the beginning as hazardous inconspicuous start-up questions, and then turn in the course of the conversation as a cold-blooded and calculated interrogation.

On the other hand, in such tests it's all about an exciting cat-mouse game between the two parties. The respondent tries to act so casually and calmly as possible. His words contain the wrong information, and his body language is trying to mask these. However, some signals can escape even for the most skillful liar. This is what the questioner should pay close attention to.

Certain micro-expressions as the frequent blinking or fake smile. It's easy to notice if you look closely. The lips seem to show a smile, but the eyes remain unmoved - by a true single smile wrinkles appear around the eyes and all the facial muscles are in move. Furthermore, sudden emotional outbursts or pause of emotions on the uncertainty can also indicate a lie. One should let the liar always talk as long as they want to. If the exploited strikingly long, there can be something wrong - and if you give him time enough to the target person will sooner or later reveal itself. A long story is often hard to control and also more difficult to keep the logic. The more one goes into detail, the easier it gets to get conflicting statements. Too often outspoken credibility phrases emphasize the uncertainty that there is a lie behind the statements.

In most cases, at the end you come to the desired information, but if this technique is insufficient, or the objectivity factor is critical low, then you can use a device like a polygraph. A Polygraph from works with 4 measuring methods when operated properly. Also, the accuracy is about 95%.

6. Whats is it like to detect lies with a lie detector test?

Tracking the truth with today's technology

The polygraph is a device that is easy to use and has reliable results.

The polygraph results get exposed by provided computer software. You don't even need to have any extra technical experience for their application. The device was originally developed for detectives, employers and even parents who want to betray a suspicion in a humane way and want to reveal the truth quickly and easily. However, a polygraph test can also be carried out by an amateur successfully - after some training.

  • Lies reveal without pain and without psychological distress
  • Quickly and easily evaluate the responses and analyze
  • Technical knowledge is not necessary for a successful application!
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How does a lie detector test work?

First, you need a cozy room where the test can be carried out undisturbed and comfortably.

The cooperation of the person being interviewed is an important part of the test, and perhaps the most difficult step. In job interviews or complex misunderstandings can be using a lie detector easily and quickly get to the truth and learn to track the extent to which the person is considered to be trustworthy or not. It will save you months of conflicts and possible arguments. Respondents are asked to take these aspects prior to the survey on any case note.

The use of a lie detector test runs as follows:: The measuring elements are attached to the respondent fingers or breastbone. Thus heart rate and skin moisture are measured, which are important clues in determining stress values. These biochemical values ​​can be held by most people barely under control, no matter how good they can lie.

It's recommended to ask easy questions since the person can only answer with yes or no, and this means that the stress factor is intensified and increased. The measured values ​​are sent via an USB cable to the polygraph software and analyzed in the computer. Due to the graphic presentation on the monitor the questioner can recognize equally when the background reactions of the statements deviate from the normal values. It is important to note that the software is reliable in the case of yes-no-questions. . Tests have shown that delayed responses can not be evaluated 100% correctly. To go to misunderstandings or conflicts separately from the way you make already devised, simple questions. The software is compatible with Windows. Next Operating Details: How does a lie detector work?

7. Successful implementation of a test?

First: clear thinking through, then perform relaxed

The most important thing is to know how to use the device before taking the actual survey.

It is worth even before the first application to perform some tests on your own, so you can see how the polygraph actually works. The questions should be put together in advance and must be unknown to the person interviewed. Then you have to make sure that the circumstances are right. During the test, it is not recommended to be disturbed, also the relaxation of the respondent must be secured.

  • Learn how the polygraph works before applying it
  • Create clear, targeted yes-no-questions in advance
  • During questioning the environment should be quiet
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Successful implementation of a survey

A successful interview is a well thought out program that was planned a long time through the last detail. It requires 4 elements: a lie detector, the competence of the person questioning, the cooperation of the person being interviewed and a peaceful environment.

The person, who performs the lie detecting test doesn't need to have any professional skills, but some previous experiences with the lie detector are helpful. So there would be no uncertainties and gauges during the interrogation. It will suggest confidence and security.

In addition, the questioning person must pay attention to the psychological state of the respondents. This is an important psychological point. Respondents are asked to make slow "acquaintance" with the lie detector. The easiest is achieved by simple at the beginning, harmless questions such as "what is your name?" "Do we have now winter?" etc.

On the monitor, you can see now, the evaluation of the measuring instruments. On the monitor there are displayed the results in a chart, such as the affirmative and negative answers.

After the intro phase then may the relevant questions follow. Lots of patience and caution are recommended. Thus, you can always ask questions and more by the excitement of the respondents increases. But you must not go too far! The aim of the survey with the polygraph is to reveal the truth under peaceful circumstances and not to trigger a possible dispute, which may be more typical of the "old-fashioned" survey. In any case, you should pay attention to the body language and choice of words of the respondent. These are those signals which are not covered by the polygraph, but can contribute to the success of the survey.

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Polygraph beats body language

The control of our body moves now more and more in focus. Whether at a job interview or a presentation, you have to have full control of your body and charm, use the correct body language to gain sympathy to be able to achieve success.

The control of our body moves now more and more in focus. Whether at a job interview or a presentation, you have to have full control of your body and charm, use the correct body language to gain sympathy to be able to achieve success. Drama schools and different courses offer the opportunity to convey useful tricks how to hide stress, anxiety, uncertainty or excitement may obscure and sent with confidence and humor. Control over one's own facial expressions and gestures is the best equipment for masking the truth. Many cheaters and liars are capable to mislead the most experienced judges of human nature. But they can not lie to the lie detector. The polygraph, a device that depreciates and evaluates the stress levels of the body and mind. One can perhaps lie with a casual smile, but not with the excited heart rate.

If you want to detect lies easily and safely then a lie detector polygraph is the most ideal solution for you.

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