LIE DETECTOR INCL. SOFTWARE and 6-Multiple measurement
(Measuring skin resistance, pulse, breath control, TEMPERATURE, blood pressure, heart rate)

Existing Clients


Pro Sieben
Austrain Politician takes a Lie Detector Test

For the Newspaper "Der Standard" and on Austria TV a Politician took a Polygraph Test with our Machine - proving that another politic party wanted to hand him 100.000 EUR over, if he changes to another party. That was just before the election in Austria 2017.

YouTube Video here

Pro Sieben
German TV Channel Pro Sieben

For the very popular German TV Show "Circus Halli Galli" the 6 measurement Polygraph was used for investigation porpuse on the show. Please find the

YouTube Video here

FH Kempten
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Laboratory for sensory perceptions

To analyze changes of physically measurable values ​​such as heart rate, skin resistance, respiration and temperature and evaluate them - the polygraph was used. A detailed graph allows a very precise measurement and clearly visible changes of the inputs.

TV Format "Princess wanted" with rapper Kay One

For the TV Series Princess wanted, aired on RTL2, the budding princesses underwent a polygraph test. Contents of the consignment for the 12 female participants was it to find out what which one means it seriously on the rapper Kay One. In the end there was only one princess left and they had the chance to conquer the rappers heart through various tasks.

daily press  
Radio show "loyalty test" from Alsterradio

The so-called loyalty test on the phone is legendary among many radio listeners of the radio station Radio Alster. There the partners who stand in a relationship are often called by a moderator by phone. There he tries to coax you to a date or phone number. The polygraph was bought by Alsterradio for additional analysis reasons.

For training purposes

The polygraph is used in some cases for training and analysis purposes. A polygraph test in live use does not occur.

Filming Industry

The movie production company FreibeuterFilm has used the polygraph in one of their produced movies.



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